Customer Bitcoin Liquidity Estimation

This project aimed at analyzing customers' bitcoin transactions in order to provide their liquidity estimation and spending analysis.

For this project, the client delivered a list of several thousands of bitcoin transactions executed by their customers. I was requested to analyze the spending behavior of the customers and to estimate their liquidity.

I developed a graph data model of the publically available bitcoin raw data to facilitate such analysis. Then, I enhanced the publically available bitcoin data with the data provided by the client. With such integrated data, I developed a set of real-time algorithms to compute liquidity estimation for each customer. Moreover, I delivered detailed analyses of transactions all transactions executed by the customers, and the flow of their assets, including those executed with other entities than my client.

The real-time computations were exposed via a REST API in GoLang and visualized on custom frontend dashboards.

Data Scientist | Machine Learning Engineer | AI Advisor

20 years of experience in data processing from BigData to AI