SolarData - Simulation the Performance of Photovoltaic Energy Systems

This platform allows to simulate the amount of energy produced by a photostatic energy system. It extracts weather data from Grib files (binary format of weather data). Based on this data and geographic coordinates the system computes how much energy a PV installation is able to produce for particular weather conditions and location. Finally, it generates a graphical report to present this data on charts. SolarData is used to evaluate current performance and determine the future value of PV generation projects (expressed as the predicted energy yield) and, by extension, influence how PV projects and technologies are perceived in terms of investment risk.

ETL system for cryptoassets transactions data

The goal of this project was to build an ETL system collecting and aggregating data about various cryptoassets, from multiple data sources. The data about blocks and transactions on the cryptoassets was fetched via multiple REST APIs, the data was then normalized, and some elements were aggregated and computed. Finally, the normalized data was loaded into a common data model in a relational database (Exasol DB). The system was designed to run for a long-time with a minimal supervision.