TripleProv - RDF Provenance

TripleProv is an in-memory RDF database capable to store, trace, and query provenance information in processing RDF queries. TripleProv returns an understandable description of the way the results of an RDF query were derived; specifically it gives a detailed explanation which pieces of data and how were combined to produce the answer of a query. Moreover, with TripleProv you can tailor query execution with provenance information. You can input a provenance specification of the data you want to use to derive the answer.

DiploCloud - Scalable Distributed RDF Data Management System

dipLODocusRDF is a system for RDF data processing supporting both simple transactional queries and complex analytics efficiently. dipLODocusRDF is based on a hybrid storage model considering RDF data both from a graph perspective (by storing RDF subgraphs or RDF molecules) and from a “vertical” analytics perspective (by storing compact lists of literal values for a given attribute). DiploCloud is distributed version of dipLODocusRDF. It is an efficient and scalable distributed RDF data management system for the cloud.